Climbing Partner Wien (Bouldern/Sportkletter)


Have just moved back to Wien for the foreseeable future and am pretty short on partners. Ideally I’d like to find someone who’s being fairly Corona safe in general and has access to a car as I’m 17 and don’t have a driver’s license here. I know I’m hoping for a lot here but hoping I can compensate with belays and psych!

I sport climb up to around 8b+, happy to climb easier or belay harder.
I boulder up to 8A/+ or so, again, happy to climb pretty much anywhere/anything.

Schedule wise, weekends are pretty flexible, I’m free most Mon-Friday until 2PM and Wednesday’s until 3PM.

Happy to climb anywhere, especially Thali, Merkenstein, NÖ, Krems/Wachau area, etc...

If you’d be interested, please text me!!

+1 410 865 9588